Paper Potter


paper-potter2The Paper Potter was designed 15 years ago as a solution to the perennial lack of seedling pots in spring when ambitious gardeners are faced with more seeds than they can plant. It also successfully deals with the piles of a household’s accumulating newspapers.

Not only is the newspaper biodegradable and ethically sound compared with plastic pots; this clever device itself is also environmentally sound. Both pieces of the Paper Potter are turned from FSC certified oak, grown in managed woodlands.

The simplicity of the design enables you to make hundreds of pots in a very short time and once filled with compost, and the seed has germinated, there is no need to remove the plant – the entire pot should be planted in the ground. That way, the tiny little hair roots are not disturbed and there is a reservoir of moisture retained in the damp newspaper. The pot will break down naturally once it is in the soil.

Children love making paper pots and this innovative and simple gadget can be used to teach an invaluable lesson about sustainable living.

Paper Potter